There’s Nothing Better Than Big Natural Tits

A friend of mine’s wife once chastised me and my buddy when we both looked at this girl who walked by and had obvious fake tits. It wasn’t that she was hot; it was just the sheer size of those boobs that caught both of our eyes. It was like seeing a rhino running down the street. You just have to look. She told us they were fake and not to get excited and that started a debate. My buddy felt like any tits are good tits. His argument was that a Ferrari is manmade and he can enjoy that, why not big, fake tits. I argued that there is nothing better than big natural tits.


The reason I argued for big natural tits is that they feel and look better. When you squeeze a big, fake boob it is almost like squeezing one of those stress balls you can buy at an office supply stores. Some of the better tit jobs might look and feel better than others, but they still all have a big ball of liquid in them and it doesn’t feel quite right

Big natural tits feel exactly how they are supposed to feel. They are just the right amount of soft and just the right amount of firm. They hang perfectly and, for me, one of the best things is that they bounce and jiggle when the girl moves. I love watching a girl’s tits swing and bounce when she is getting banged in a porn movie. I love seeing a woman walk by and having her great rack jiggle as she goes. Seeing a woman jog and having her rack bouncing along with her will stop me in my tracks every time. I appreciate the boobs and as someone who does so, I prefer them to be real.

Think of it like you would food. If you go out to dinner and you are looking to have a great meal you wouldn’t go somewhere that serves crappy food that is full of fillers, preservatives and junk. You would go somewhere that makes their meals out of fresh, clean foods. The same goes for tits. When I bury my face between a luscious pair of bouncing Betties I want them to feel all natural.

Yes, I can appreciate manmade things and there are some cases where fake tits can be good, but for the most part my rule of thumb is that there is nothing better than big natural tits.

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The Best Big Tits Cam Sites

The best big tits cam sites are the ones that focus on finding busty models. It can be hard to just list a few names because models will often move from one cam site to another and sometimes models will classify themselves when they sign up and not even realize just how busty they are. If a site encourages busty girls to apply, you hare off to a good start.

It is important for the cam site to keep an eye on the models and do their own classifications. If a girl is modest and has a brilliant set of D-cups she is a big tits cam girl, but she might not see herself as such and will label herself as average. I think we can all agree that there is nothing remotely close to average about a nice, full D-cup. I would give up every other cup: cup of coffee, cup-o-noodles, peanut butter cups, and any other cup-based items if I could just spend my days handling a hottie with a nice D-cup.


Another thing to keep in mind is that some webcam sites will try to over-classify their models. You might find a girl with a small C-cup listed as a big tits cam girl. There is nothing wrong with a small C-cup, but if you are looking for a big titted babe, that is not going to get the job done. Still, most of the cam sites out there let you search by boob size and most of the girls that are listed as big tits cam girls have nice, big knockers.

When you think about it what really makes the best big tits cam site isn’t the site’s features, layout, design or shit like that. I have never seen a nice looking logo or smooth design and suddenly found myself with a throbbing erection. What makes a great site is hot, busty cam girls that you can connect with. If you find friendly, sexy girls that are stacked upstairs and love to show those chest-based goodies off, then you have found a good cam site. Make sure to favorite her or keep track of her info and by all means make certain that you tell her how hot she is. She won’t know that you love her and her ample apples if you don’t say so. The more you praise those big boobs the better chance there that she will whip them out and play some breastacular games with them.

When you add it all up, all you really need to keep in mind when looking for the best big tits cam site is that you need to find hot, busty babes that you want to spend time with. Nothing else really matters than how you feel about those mammers!

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The Best Sources For Big Tits Video

If you are searching online for big tits videos there are a couple of very good places that you shouldn’t pass up.

Let’s start with live video. What I mean by that is interactive video with live models. The best place to find these videos is on webcam sites. Here you can find sexy big titted cam girls who are just waiting to satisfy your every desire. When you first get to one of these sites you will notice that there are women of all different shapes and sizes. Fear not, you are just a few mouse clicks away from enough big titted cam models to fully satisfy your hunger for big tits videos. All you have to do is to click on the search options on the site and from here you can specify what type of models you are looking for. Once you do that the site will only show you those models with big tits and you can chat with them and watch them until your heart’s content. The best part about all of this is that you can do private shows with them and tell them what you want. It is like making your own custom big tits video.

The other option is to find video sites most commonly known as tube sites. These sites serve up tons of different porn videos and they have entire sections devoted to nothing but big tits videos. All you need to do is select the categories button and then click on the big tits category and there you will have it. Depending on what kind of big tits you are looking for you may have to do a little browsing to find just the right video you are interested in.

Some people might say that search engines are the way to go as well. The potential problem with sites like Google and Yahoo is that they can be information overloads. If you type “big tits video” into Google you will get millions of results. Some of them may be good and give you what you want, but many of them likely will not. You are better off searching for large video sites or webcam sites, even webcam video tube sites and searching through those. They have already done all the filtering, all you have to do is find the big tits video you want, sit back and enjoy.

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What I Love About Huge Boobs

I think the more appropriate question might be, “What don’t I love about huge boobs?” For starters, they are boobs. And they are huge! However, that might be over simplifying the entire thing so give me a moment to further pontificate on the beauty of huge boobs.

The boobs are like the best gift you have ever gotten. Remember when you were a kid and it was Christmas or your birthday and there was that one special thing that you really, REALLY wanted. You didn’t care if you didn’t get anything else. All that mattered to you was that you got that one cool toy. If you got it you worshiped it. You took care of it. You knelt at the alter that was it.

Boobs are that toy only better.


What makes huge boobs especially great is that you never get tired of them. Again, going back to your childhood, the odds were pretty good that once you got that toy eventually you would tire of it and it would end up under your bed or in your closet and you barely played with it because you had something new in mind. The next hot new toy came along. With huge boobs that doesn’t happen. Huge boobs are just as amazing every day as they first day you got to experience them.

There is so much you can do with huge boobs. You can bury your face between them. You can lay your shaft between them. You can poke them, squeeze them, massage them, caress them, pinch them, flick them, gently touch them, press them, slap them (if she is into pain like that) or just sit back and watch as they bounce, jiggle and jump. No matter what a girl with huge boobs does, those boobs are going to move. She can’t stand up and walk across the room without them bouncing. And you get to soak it all in like candy for your eyes.

These days you can have huge boobs in your face with just a few clicks of the mouse. There are tons of girls with huge boobs live on their webcams just waiting to show them off. Now not only to you get to check them out, but you can suggest things as well. Want this stacked honey to do some jumping jacks or sit ups? She will do them for you. Want to see her run in place so her knockers swing. She will be happy to do that.

With webcams it is like the greatest toy ever (huge boobs) just got a new expansion pack released to make them even better than before!

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Webcam Tube Sites Are Getting Big

Webcam Tube sites are something that is fairly new and that are starting to catch on and get bigger and bigger. These sites combined the best of two different worlds into one hot site. Let’s cover the basics of a webcam tube first then get into some of the more specific things that make it great.

We have all heard of porn tube sites. Think YouTube only for porn. Here you get tons and tons of porn videos in many different categories served right to your screen. It is like having a library of porn at your fingertips at all times and it is pretty damn cool. Webcam sites feature live girls online broadcasting from their homes and putting on sexy live shows while we watch. It is the ultimate in interactive action.


A webcam tube combines them both. When a webcam model does a private show or in some cases a public show those shows are often recorded. On many sites those videos are never seen except by specific members. Still other sites will let you pay to watch those videos and others yet just discard them. A webcam tube site gathers up these videos and puts them on their site just like they were a regular porn video. So, think of it like a porn tube site only it is populated with videos of recorded live webcam girl shows. Sounds pretty cool right? Now we get to find out exactly what these girls are doing when they are in private and group shows.

Webcam tube sites are getting more and more popular and some of them are starting to integrate the recorded videos with some live girls who are online right then. So, if you want to watch a hottie’s pre-recorded live show you can do so right on her site. If you would rather actually connect live with a hot cam girl and chat with her or do a personal one on one show, you can do that as well.

Many webcam tube sites now have search and browse features and they are stocked with videos that have many different kinds of models in them. If you want girls that are 18-22 and petite, you can easily find those videos. If you would rather have recorded shows from MILFs age 40+ with big tits, no problem.

As porn continues to evolve and get more and more interactive, webcam tubes are going to become more and more popular.

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